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Security Surveillance

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Security Room

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Video Surveillance

SmartMen Security provides an extensive range of video surveillance products, including HD over analog (CVI, AHD, TVI, SDI) and IP systems featuring top brands in the industry.


Our lineup includes trusted names like Bosch, Avigilon, Dahua, Hikvision, and Eyeonet, ensuring high-quality and reliable security solutions for your needs.

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Access Control

SmartMen Security holds certifications for installing leading access control systems, including Bosch, Kantech, Verex, Interlogix, Eyeongate, RBH, DKM, and CDVI.


Our expertise ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of these advanced access control solutions to enhance the security of your premises.

Home Security System
Data Center

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Audio & Video

SmartMen Security specializes in custom AV entertainment systems, offering a range of products from major brands known for delivering quality sound and video experiences.


Our lineup includes renowned brands such as Yamaha, Bose, Sonos, Samsung, Sony, LG, Denon, HPA, and Epson, ensuring that you get top-notch audio and visual solutions tailored to your needs.

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Intrusion Alarm

SmartMen Security provides a diverse selection of both wireless and wired alarm systems tailored to meet your security needs.


Our alarm systems offer the flexibility of self-monitoring or third-party monitoring, ensuring peace of mind and swift response to any security breaches. We work with trusted brands such as DSC, Honeywell, Paradox, AiBase, Connect2GO, and Ring to deliver reliable and effective alarm solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Garage Doors

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Automatic Door Operators

SmartMen Security is a licensed installer of door operators, specializing in automatic and sliding door systems.


Our team holds AATOM certification, demonstrating expertise in automatic door operators and sliding door systems. We have specialized technicians trained in Ditec door operators, ensuring precise installation and reliable performance for your access control needs.

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